Shibe Park '46 7x5 FinalClassic Sports Pictures produces and distributes In-Motion wall art decor that captures the most memorable and greatest plays and players in American sports history.  These moments are legendary, and the men behind them have become synonymous with greatness.

Although nothing compares to actually being there when it happened, the works of Classic Sports Pictures are one of the closest thing to a historical sports time machine you can get.  The 3 and 4 sequential photographs show the special moment, and also what the ballparks and stadiums, uniforms, and fans looked like during those decades.  The finished wall art provides a glimpse into a time before sport became the mega big business of today.  A simpler era when World Series games were all played during the day, there was no free agency and restrictive salary caps, and the 24-hour all sports networks had not yet signed on.

In-Motion wall art decor by Classic Sports Pictures — Memorable moments captured so real “It’s Like You Were There.”