About This Site

Main PhotoLike many others, I have a love and fascination with vintage sports films and photographs. The images are both historic and nostalgic and cause the mind to conjure thoughts of a simpler era and “the way it used to be.”

Many consider from the 1920’s to the mid 1970’s as the Golden Age of Sports.  This was a time before sports became the really big business it has become today.  World Series games were all played in day, there was no free agency and mega million dollar player contracts, and the 24-hour all sports networks had not yet signed on.

There were many legendary names in sports during that period – and their glorious play and memories they created were captured on 16mm motion pictures.  It was an important part of American sports history and have provided the inspiration to my work.

I have been involved in sports throughout my life as a player, fan, photographer, documentary producer, and a Sport Management college professor.

Classic Sports Pictures is the only known source in the world for vintage sequential sports wall art decor from images originally captured on 16mm films. The unique and distinctive finished pieces feature vintage images of the stars and iconic moments of yesterday matted and framed in a modern contemporary style.

I am constantly trying to find interesting ways to present images so they tell a concise story and engage the viewer – to make them feel as though they witnessed it first-hand.