Babe Ruth “The Pitching Instructor”

Babe Ruth “The Pitching Instructor”


Details About This Item:

•  The total frame size is 14.5 x 25 – Inside dimensions are 12.5 x 23
•  The 3 sequential images of Babe Ruth’s pitching motion are 6 x 6
•  The frame is solid wood in a black satin finish
•  It has a dove white matte
•  It is covered in plexiglass

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This modern-vintage sports wall art piece is called “The Pitching Instructor” and features sequential images of iconic Babe Ruth’s pitching motion as he shows a group of young baseball lovers the form that made him a great major league pitcher. These images are probably from the 1920’s.

Babe Ruth was a pitcher from 1914 to 1933, but his main years were from 1915-1919 where he compiled a 94-46 record and career ERA of 2.28.